Tsurikrufn! im Off-Color-Blog

9. November 2021

In einem umfangreichen Artikel zum 9. November schreibt Katrin, eine zwischen Mannheim und New York pendelnde Bloggerin, über das Projekt Tsurikrufn!:

»My big inspiration of the year was ›Tsurikrufn‹, a project celebrating 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany. Oh yes, how beautiful!

Tsurikrufn is Yiddish, meaning recalling something: memories, conversations, stories. I am so mindblown by this great digital project which invites us to learn about great Jewish personalities who made Germany a very special place through their being and efforts.

The website is remembering great German Jews who were important and influential when it comes to art, design, literature, or music. It has a lot of nostalgic vibes, but it also makes me, as a non-Jew, proud to see how much greatness has been around in Germany the last 1700 years. And yes, they were Jews. I am not saying this to make the "outsider" be always the outsider, but I want to emphasize and underline that Jewish life is German life, too.

Germany wouldn't be Germany without the Jews. History was treating them badly and we all feel sorry and bad about it. We acknowledge the pain and grief, but we can also celebrate and cherish great accomplishments. Lifting spirits and feeling good about the creations that others did to contribute to well-being and community.

On Tsurikrufn, you'll find great people and inspiring stories and I bet you will learn things which make you curious to know more about! I am very thankful for the people who created this and I hope I am not the only one who stumbled upon this!«

– – –

Vielen Dank für den großartigen Artikel, Katrin!